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Periodic Services

Below are our periodic services, designed for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities or mental illnesses who require periodic support. For more information regarding funding and eligibility, kindly refer to the FAQs section.

Day Supports

Day Supports is a service designed to offer aid to individuals aged 16 and above in enhancing their socialization abilities and daily living skills. It serves as a valuable choice for a purposeful daily experience. Group services can be provided as long as they effectively address the services specified in the Person Centered Plan (PCP) or Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Innovation & Non-Innovation

Community Networking

Community Networking services provide individualized day activities that support the waiver beneficiary's definition of a meaningful day in an integrated community setting, with persons who are not disabled. If the beneficiary requires paid supports to participate/engage once connected with the activity, Community Networking can be used to refer and link the individual. This service is provided separate and apart from the beneficiary's primary private residence, other residential living arrangement, and/or the home of a service provider. These services to not take place in licensed facilities and are intended to offer the beneficiary the opportunity to develop meaningful community relationships with non-disabled individuals. Services are designed to promote maximum participation in community life while developing natural supports within integrated settings. Community Networking services enable the beneficiary to increase or maintain their capacity for independence and develop social roles valued by non-disabled members of the community. 



Respite services offer primary caregivers a break from the demanding and stressful responsibilities of caring for an individual. This service provides scheduled or occasional support, allowing caregivers to participate in planned or unexpected events and create designated time for themselves and/or other family members. Additionally, it allows the individual to receive periodic assistance and relief from their primary caregiver(s) as desired.

C Innovations respite may also be used to provide temporary relief to individuals who reside in Licensed and Unlicensed AFLs, but it may bot be billed on the same day as Residential Supports. 


Community Living Facilities and Support

Community Living Facilities and Support (CLFS) encompass a wide array of inclusive services aimed at assisting adults with developmental disabilities in acquiring the necessary skills to live with the highest possible level of independence within the community.

Individuals receiving CLFS must have control over their choice of residence. Each participant in CLFS must either own their own home, have a family-owned home, or hold a lease within the community. CLFS services can be provided in licensed facilities or non-licensed settings, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the individual.


Supported Employment

Supported Employment services provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for beneficiaries ages 16 and older for whom competitive employment has not been achieved and/or has been interrupted or intermittent. 

All residential services are state funded services. Your Qualified Professional (QP) will let you know if you meet criteria for the service. Funds may be limited. Contact us now for a more information or visit our FAQs for frequently asked questions. >>
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