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Herbert Reid Home - Who Can Help

Who Can Help

If you or a member of your family require services, we want to make sure you know who to contact for help.

Herbert Reid Home

Herbert Reid Home, Inc. (HRH, Inc.) if your service provider and will help you develop a plan of care and provide the services authorized in your plan. Your plan of care is a person-centered plan (PCP/ISP) because it is based on your unique needs, skills, and wishes.


Your services are managed in the community through a Managed Care Organized (MCO) office. The MCO has a relationship with service providers to ensure that quality services are provided to members. Every MCO has a customer service office. Representatives in each of the customer services offices are available to assist members, families, and the general public with questions, concerns/complaints, and information requests.


The North Carolina Division of Mental Health (DMH), Developmental Disabilities (DD), and Substance Abuse Services (SAS) is responsible for overseeing the publicly funded mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services in North Carolina. The DMH/DD/SAS has a special section devoted to advocacy and customer service. The Advocacy and Customer Service Section has three teams of specialized professionals to help members, families, guardians, and advocates more fully understand how the DMH/DD/SAS service system works. 
Have a concern about how someone is being treated? Contact us and ask to speak to the professional advocate on duty.
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